The Mi’kmaq and Ice Hockey

Last month, September 2023, an historic ice hockey stick – the Caruk stick – returned to Nova Scotia, highlighting the connection of the Mi’kmaq peoples to this sport.

Oldest Mi'kmaq hockey stick on display in N.S. | CTV News
(Photo Source: CTV, Paul Hollingsworth)

In the early beginnings of the modern game,
the MicMac, known for its durabilty, was the
most popular hockey sƟck for players. Made
from one solid piece of wood using the root
and trunk of the Ironwood, Hornbeam or
Yellow Birch tree, the root of the tree was used for the blade, and the trunk for the handle.


The hockey sticks made by the Mi’kmaq dominated the international ice hockey market until the 1930’s. For more on the connections between the game of ice hockey and the Mi’kmaq, check out the following two videos now available on Facebook as well as the breaking news about
the Caruk stick from Global News:

Did the Mi’kmaq invent ice hockey? From CBC news.

The Game of Hockey – a M’kmaw Story. Produced by April Maloney and Cheryl Maloney.Ɵck-on-display-at-n-s-museum-