Scrap Soup

Basic Recipe 

leftover soup
“soup” by serenejournal is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Do you end up throwing out small bits and pieces of meals? Here’s a way to use them up!

Put a largish container in your freezer. Instead of throwing away those bits and pieces, place add them to your container until you think there are enough scraps for a soup. Cook up a pot of soup and, voilà, you have a tasty, low-cost meal that recycles and reuses food and reduces the amount of groceries you need to buy.

leftover meat
leftover corn, celery, onion, beans or other vegetables
leftover rice, noodles or potatoes
leftover tomatoes or tomato sauce
salt and pepper
herbs and other seasonings


  1. Put the scraps into a pot
  2. Add broth (use water or the broth of your choice)
  3. Cook thoroughly.
  4. Taste and add seasonings.

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