Earth Day at the Museum

cedar jar60 minute programs aimed at Grades 1-6 available April 16, 17 and 22, 9 am to 3 pm; April 18-19 9-11 am.

  • Learn about the history of reducing, reusing, and recycling from the ancient past to today.
  • Compare the 3 R’s long ago and today. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of them in the past and the present.
  • Handle objects from long ago and compare them with the things we use today.
  • Tour the museum and see if you can spot objects that would have used less resources than the ones we use nowadays. Think about what we use for that purpose today.

Special REDUCED pricing for this field trip: $50.00 per class.

To book an Earth Day at the Museum school program, contact our educational programmer by email: Penny Meyer, call the museum (250-746-6612), or fill out the form below.