Buy-a-Bundle Thank You!

Buy-a-bundle informationThank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has donated to the Cowichan Historical Society’s (CHS) “Buy-a-Bundle’ fundraiser. The response has been most gratifying.

I am personally working on the promised cards and CRA receipts, and they will be in the mail later this week.

The fundraising campaign will continue, so please keep the donations coming by whichever means is convenient to you, and most importantly please indicate on your donation “BUNDLE “ if that is your wish that it goes towards the second-floor project.

The CHS will also be applying for grants to help reach our financial goal for the work on the second floor of the Duncan Train Station building. It is anticipated the work will be done in the early summer or fall depending on the availability of a work crew. So much will depend on the success of the “Buy-a-Bundle “ campaign.

The Cowichan Valley Museum is housed in this  112-year-old heritage building. CHS is charged with maintaining the building rather than paying rent, and that has its challenges, but it is important that the locally and nationally designated heritage building – the Duncan Train Station – is preserved,

And with the help of the community, it means we can proudly do this. The Cowichan Valley Museum attracts over 7000 visitors annually, plus 400 students from local schools to the downtown area of the City of Duncan and beyond.

Let’s keep the momentum going, and again thank you for your support to date.

Sheila Kitson.

Vice-President, Cowichan Historical Society